Special Scale Inhibitor for Plastic Machine Mold

The special scale inhibitor for plastic machine mold is a new type of environmental agent to prevent scale and rust sludge produced by plastic machine mold. It can help maintain and protect the cooling ring mold and ensure the normal operation of the machine.



  • Add scale inhibitor to the pool on time and in quantity to achieve the effect of no scale, no rust and no sludge.
  • Initial use: 50-100 g/ton
  • Follow up use: One to two weeks [according to the water replenished] 50-100 g/t
  • Note: the amount of water replenishment shall be 1 ton per 5 tons of water per week for the follow-up dosage. Every three months, 1/3 of the water in the pool shall be discharged for new water. If no water is discharged, the dosage shall be increased.


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