Pulse Mold Waterway Cleaning Machine HF-3L

The pulse mold waterway cleaning machine uses the pulse water molecule blasting technology to form water molecule blasting in the mold waterway. The scale and rust sludge will be blasted into blocks or granules, and then be dissolved it into powder with special cleaning agent and thus be cleaned from the mold waterway without secondary blockage.

Product Name Model Quantity
Pulse mold waterway cleaning machine HF-3L 1

Basic performance parameters:

Project Description Data
Touch screen Siemens
Program controller PLC Siemens
The water pump Grundfos
Pulse solenoid valve Germany
Stainless steel multistage water pump ≥1.5KW protection class IP54
The pump pressure 8KG
Pulse pressure 8KG
Whole machine size L900*W700*H950(mm)
Tank volume Double water tank 75L+75L(stainless steel 304)
Total electrical capacity ≥2.2KW
Flowmeter 2 flowmeters, accuracy 0.01L/Min
Operating temperature range 5-60℃
Power supply 380v/50HZ(3P+E)
Number of inlet and outlet pipes and diameter of inlet and outlet pipes 6 in 6 out (3/8 "), one in one out (1 ")
Intake pressure 6-8kgf/cm2
Intake pipe diameter 10mm
Pipe Stainless steel 304 seamless tube
Nylon heavy-duty casters 4 actuating wheels, lock function.

Functional configuration and protection configuration

The project content Configuration
The automatic control PLC+ touch screen control, one button start (Siemens)
Pulse cleaning Pulse cleaning, three gears: fast, medium and slow (pulse solenoid valve, Germany)
Positive and negative cleaning Free switch of three pulse gears, positive and negative cleaning
Pressure detection Real-time pressure display, real-time detection
Blow dry function Automatic blow dry
Protection device Overload pump alarm if the water level in tank is too high, water level is too low, intake pressure is too low, air pressure is too high, system pressure is too high.
Incase line The wiring bar and terminal in the cabinet are provided with insulation protection to prevent electric shock, the wiring bar is provided with insulation terminal cover (PC material), and the terminal sleeve is provided with insulation number tube.
The power supply is directly connected to the leakage protection device The leakage protection switch is installed
Safety device Equipped with overload and short circuit protection circuit breaker and safety fuse, etc
Leakage and pressure test It can judge the blockage and leakage
Flow detection Independent flow detection, detection pressure and time can be set.
Double tank Dual water tank can automatically conduct, can clean large molds, 3000T molds

Matters needing attention

  • Working time: 72 hours of continuous use.
  • Power supply: 3-phase 5-wire 380V 50HZ
  • Air Pressure: 6-8 kg

The whole machine

  • The equipment is required to operate normally
  • Alternative plan in case of failure: vulnerable parts are available for timely replacement
  • Time requirement for cleaning one or more sets of molds (one working cycle) : 2-4 hours.
  • Convenience of maintenance: simple operation, strong convenience, time-saving and labor-saving, no dismantling of molds
  • One set of main nameplate: equipment name, model, manufacturer, factory number, factory date, brief parameters, etc.;
  • Number of cleaning moulds: 1 mold with height of 8 meters per time; 2 moulds with height of 4 meters per time; 6 moulds with height of 2 meters or less per time.

Free accessories

Serial number Name of spare parts Model Specification Quantity Note
1 Cleaning machine / 1 set
2 Fast interface Φ 8mm,20 Mold and machine quick joint
3 Cleaner 0 bag 2 kg/bag
4 The wiring diagram 1 serving English description
5 The instructions 1 serving English description
6 3D operation video 1 serving Public account viewing


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